Trial Nation offers a single, national entry point for life science companies, patient organisations and clinical researchers wishing to sponsor, participate in, and conduct clinical trials in Denmark.

Trial Nation Vision

We pave the way to a future where:
Patients enjoy stronger sustainable health
driven by fast access to cutting-edge medicine
and medical technology
Health care professionals save more lives
and promote stronger health
by always having state-of-the-art medical research
and the latest discoveries right at their hand
Through clinical research we create a better health
and wealth for Denmark

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For Companies

Trial Nation’s regionally anchored network of advisers helps you identify and get in touch with the appropriate clinical researchers within your medical area.

Trial Nation offers coordination of a quick and efficient feasibility process for companies wishing to conduct clinical trials in Denmark; within all disease areas.

The infrastructure of Trial Nation is unique: seven national centers ensure easy access to leading hospital departments.

The healthcare regions in Denmark have formed a legal network to ensure that the regions act as a united negotiation party in relation to the industry. The network is accessible via Trial Nation.

Til Patienter / For Patients

Hvis du melder dig som forsøgsperson til et sundhedsvidenskabeligt forsøg, bidrager du til større viden om din sygdom. I nogle forsøg er der brug for forsøgspersoner med en bestemt sygdom (patienter), mens der i andre forsøg er brug for raske forsøgspersoner.

If you decide to participate in a clinical trial, you help researchers get new and valuable knowledge about your disease. Some trials require patients with a specific disease while others require participation of healthy individuals.

For Healthcare Professionals

Trial Nation exists to facilitate dialogue, collaborations and networks between companies as well as professionals who are conducting clinical research in Denmark, or who are seeking to be involved with a research network within a specific area.

About Us

Trial Nation offers a single, national entry point for global companies, patient organisations and clinical researchers wishing to conduct clinical trials in Denmark.

Trial Nation is the result of strong and continuous governmental support of the Danish life science sector. The organisation is funded by the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, the Ministry of Health, several Danish life science companies and the five Danish Regions.



Our mission is to make Denmark the most attractive country for companies and other stakeholders to conduct clinical trials – for the benefit of patients, research and the economy.

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