This is an overview of current news related to clinical trials. You can also read about our current projects. Our previous newsletters are available here and we also keep a selection of government updates.

Current Projects

National Real-time Trials Overview

Trial Nation in collaboration with Region Midtjylland, Erhvervsministeriet, Lægemiddelstyrelsen, National Videnskabsetisk Komite (NVK), Sundhedsdatastyrelsen, Sundheds- og Ældreministeriet, Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center (DCCC) og Region Sjælland develops a new system. This is a public, searchable and as close to real-time updated overview of ongoing trials as possible with user-friendly interfaces that present all, relevant clinical trials in Denmark including status and contact information. The clinical information should be easy to understand for patients and their relatives. On the technical side, already existing infrastructure in the healthcare system’s is used as far as possible, including automated transfers of data.

The deployment is planned for 2023.

Digital Recruitment Platform

Trial Nation is together with several stakeholders investigating the possibility of establishing a national digital solution that can facilitate the contact between research actors responsible for the trial and relevant citizens and patients to facilitate recruitment into clinical trials. A national, digital solution where patients and citizens can be matched with clinical trials, eg within specific disease areas, will strengthen the Danish research infrastructure.

It is estimated that the assessment will be completed in 2022.


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Government Updates

For more information on topics related to the Danish healthcare system please visit the webpages for the Ministry of Health at, Danish Regions (in Danish) at and each of the Danish regions:

Region Hovedstaden

Region Midtjylland

Region Nordjylland

Region Sjælland

Region Syddanmark

Podcast on Clinical trials (In Danish)

What is Clinical research?
  • Henriette Svarre Nielsen, Professor of Reproduction and womens diseases. 
  • Ulrik Lassen, Professor of Clinical Oncology and Personalised Medicine.
Private or Public research?
  • Leif Vestergaard Pedersen, who is former director of the Danish Cancer Society, a member of the Danish Medicines Agency and i.a. former health director in the Central Jutland Region.
  • Jakob Wedsted, postdoc at the Center for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law
How are medicines tested to actually work?
  • Anne-Marie Axø Gerdes, Chairman of the Council on Ethics
  • Steffen Thirstrup, advisor at NDA Advisory Services and former head of the drug approval in the Danish Medicines Agency
What does big data and artificial intelligence mean for future clinical research?

Ismail Gögenur, Professor at the Center for Surgical Science at Sjællands Universitetshospital

Nikolai Brun, then head of the medical evaluation and biostatistics unit at the Danish Medicines Agency – and then chairman of the big data task force at the European Medicines Agency, EMA

How will the conditions for clinical research become even better?
  • Ida Sofie Jensen, CEO, Lif
  • Allan Flyvbjerg, Center director of Steno Diabetes Center