Trial Nation is part of the national project PACT (Patient Centered Decentralized Clinical Trials).

Decetralized clinical trials

Decentralized Clinial Trials Guidelines
  • Please visit the Danish Medicines Agency to find the Danish DCT guidance paper on implementation of decentralized elements in clinical trials with medicinal products.

In Trial Nation we are further strengthening our efforts in patient-centered decentralized clinical trials (DCT) in Denmark.

We accelerate the development of better framework conditions for conducting decentralized clinical trials in Denmark by facilitating close collaboration between authorities, public- and private partners, patients, and researchers.

  • Trial Nation is a part of the first Innovation Fund Denmark project focusing on digitalization of clinical trials, the VCT project.
  • Trial Nation is an active part of the Danish DCT Dialogue Forum.
  • Trial Nation facilitates a committed National public-private collaboration that will take the next step in innovating and developing Denmark as a strong DCT nation. The project PACT – patient-centered decentralized clinical trials is supported by Innovation Fund Denmark and runs from 2022-2026. The project aims to support the implementation of patient-centered DCT in Denmark by:
    • reducing the barriers for patients, health care personnel to participate in and for companies to perform industry-initiated clinical trials in Denmark.
    • enable patients to participate in clinical trials from their home or community
    • support the development of a value-creating health care system focused on patient-centered care.
  • Trial Nation contributed to the development of a publication on DCTs in Denmark that aims to inform, inspire, and invite for further dialogue.
    • Download the DCT publication here
    • Visit Healthcare Denmark’s website, to listen to an interview series with insights and perspectives from the Danish authorities, clinicians, patients, and the industry about performing DCTs in Denmark.

To hear more about Trial Nations activities within DCT please reach out to:

Michelle Rosgaard Birknow
Head of Decentralized Clinical Trials Development